Teaching & Learning Strategy

  • To enhance Teaching & Learning the emphasis is placed on self-learning for e.g discussions, project preparation, and presentations case studies etc. Lecture method will be used minimum.
  • Clinical experiences are arranged according to curriculum students its psychomotor method skill are evaluated in clinical area by clinical instructors.

Teaching Facilities

  • Well-furnished library with latest Edition of books.
  • Audio visual aid includes models, charts, videos , computer. etc
  • Well Equipped skills Lab & life sciences lab available for clinical training.
  • Clinical experience are utilized at various Health care facilities at Lahore.


A library play vital role for the educational development of students. MNAHI Library has fabulous infrastructure and balance collection of materials, books or media that are easily accessible for use and not just for display purposes. It is responsible for housing updated information in order to meet the user’s needs on a daily basis. Beside this digital section with the facility of Photocopier also available. Highly qualified Librarian serve library students for their educational purposes.


Nursing subjects are mainly based on practical covered under syllabus and its performance in hospitals and laboratories. In view of this, the institute has provided all the required number of laboratories equipped with modern equipment and instruments for various subjects of nursing courses. These laboratories are designed in such a manner that they provide better working environment with safety. The laboratories provide all the essential apparatus to make student acquainted. The laboratories are as per norms of Pakistan Nursing Council.

Skills lab

Biochemistry lab

Pharmacy lab

Computer lab

Anatomy lab



Well furnished, spacious classrooms equipped with the lasted teaching aids such as multimedia with internet facilities, etc, are available to have a highly interactive session in classroom teaching. All classrooms are well – illuminated, properly ventilated, air conditioned and with modern sitting

Assembly Hall

Conference hall


The hostel facilities are also available to the girls. The rooms are well furnished to make the stay of inmates for learning community living and facilitation out of class discussions on Assignments.


Two way transportation is available from prominent locations at scheduled hours based on students demand. College has its own buses for transportation to the college as well as to the community health centers for practical purpose.


The students are required to be in the clinical area for six to eight hours every day during the week according to the course selected. Field trips are arranged to different community agencies as per course plan .The clinical practice is given at well-equipped hospitals with all advance facilities and specialties covering all departments like medicines, surgery, gynecology, pediatric at 500 bedded.


The nursing students have to undergo internship which is compulsory for specific weeks Related to the course on rotation basis to help bridge the gap Between the professional &academic perspectives gained during the courses as per the Pakistan Nursing Council directives.


Counseling and career development service provides assistance with students to find a career / life direction and to develop skills, and to gain a better understanding of the field. Workshops and programs offered through faculty and staff allow students to explore areas such as self-assessment, conflict resolution, stress management, substance use and abuse, career planning and job search strategies.