• All students will present themselves with dignity befitting their status as mature, professional and responsible citizens.
  • Students in all settings on school premises and hospital are expected to dress in a simple and decent manner.
  • Students individually or as a group, will obtain written approval before organizing or assisting in Organizing demonstrations, rallies or picketing on School premises.
  • All political, ethnic, religious and social activities/events held in the school must have prior written Authorization from the institute.
  • Students will ensure that their actions do not endanger or threaten the health, safety or wellbeing of themselves or another person.
  • Students will refrain from any behavior which can be interpreted by others as harassment.
  • Student will obtain written authorization before making public statements, communication or correspondence with the press or other media for mass communication.
  • Student will refrain from any activity which is subversive of discipline and may constitute misconduct. In case of violation of the Institution’s code of conduct disciplinary action will be taken. However, nothing will preclude the institute from requiring any student or parent or both to execute a bond, assurance or an undertaking to support desired conduct throughout her stay at the institute
  • Federal/Provincial Laws and Ordinances: Violation of a Federal/Provincial law or ordinance will be dealt accordingly under such laws.
  • Gender Mixing: Students are strictly reminded to follow the accepted social and cultural norms of the society. Undue intimacy and unacceptable proximity, openly or in isolated areas will not be tolerated.
  • Littering: It is the responsibility of all to keep the Campus premises clean and tidy. Therefore, no littering or trash should be carelessly thrown or left on the Campus premises. The designated waste boxes should be used for the purpose.


  • All individuals and teams participating in sports are expected to show sportsmanship, respect, consideration and appreciation towards their Opponents, team-mates, officials and Institute staff at all times.
  • Under no circumstances should a student react in a violent manner nor use any form of foul or abusive language, whether it is directed at a member of staff, match official, opponent, playing colleague, team official or spectator.
  • Individuals signing the player registration form are agreeing to abide by this code of conduct and will accept that any deviation from these rules will result in disciplinary action being taken by the Institute.


All the students will have to abide strictly by the rules and regulations of the college and hostel during their studies enforced from time to time. Any violation will be strictly dealt with. The Principal reserves the right to rusticate students found indulging in acts prejudicial to the interest of the institute or involved in gross in discipline or immoral act.


The candidate admitted for studies are bound to wear the uniform ordered by the institution. Presently, the uniform includes White Kurta and Black Shalwar for the female students and Black Pants with White Shirt for male students with apron, White sockings and Black Shoes. If necessary the uniform can be changed by the college management.

Female uniform for MLT/OTT and Pharmacy technician sky blue Kameez Shalwar and Blue scarf And For C N A female White Shalwar kameez and Pink Scarf


  • Stay in the hostel is compulsory during the two – four years training program.
  • Students are responsible for the care of furniture and for cleanliness of their rooms.
  • Students are expected to come for meals at the prescribed time in proper dress.
  • When leaving the room, students should check that all lights, fans and switches are turned off. No radio/tape recorder, heater/electrical appliances are allowed in rooms. If found, fine will be levied.
  • Students are urged to keep all their valuables and jewellery at their homes. In case of any damage, theft or loss, the authorities will not be held responsible.
  • Students are allowed to have visitors from 5 pm to 7 pm only on Saturdays and Sundays. No visitors will be allowed in students’ room. Disciplinary action will be taken in case of violation.
  • At the time of leaving and returning to the hostel, the student nurse must sign the In and Out going Register and enter the correct timings of both departure and arrival. No student is allowed to sign for any one else.
  • Overnight and outgoing passes will be given at the discretion of the authorities. Such passes will be issued every week in a month. This facility is liable to be withdrawn as a disciplinary measure, for example poor results, negligence or poor work or going out without permission and coming back late from outings
    (nightstay/fullday/two hours)
  • Students will neither visit staff nurses room nor are they allowed to have staff nurses in their rooms.
  • Night attendance will be held at 9 pm. All students are expected to be present for attendance. If anyone is found roaming after 9 pm in the hospital or outside, the matter will be reported to the higher authorities and action will be taken.
  • A student may be dismissed if she is not keeping upto the requirements academically or is medically unfit, indisciplined or unsatisfactory. If a Student is found violating hostel/hospital rules and
    regulations she may be dismissed or punished.
  • No other academic training/course is allowed during the training period.
  • In case of serious illness, the hospital reserves the right to send the sick student home. In such cases guardians or parents are required to escort the student nurse